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Prog censor Reviews "New Knights"

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Be Cause
New Knights
rock progressif intimiste – 70:51 – Italie/UK ‘21

Be Cause est Be Cause est un projet ouvert visant à dépasser les limites des genres musicaux avec une approche multicouche des paroles. «Nous sommes les créateurs de musique, et nous sommes les rêveurs de rêves»: voilà comment il se présente sur son site, reprenant un poème d’Arthur O'Shaughnessy. Bien mystérieux ça! Be Cause sort deux albums dont «Anima Mundi», un remix décrivant une atmosphère orientale, un voyage sans fin dans une vie nocturne. Bref, Federico Milanesi (puisque c’est de lui qu'on parle) compose avec Andrea Di Terlizzi des musiques dites New Age basées sur la sphère mentale et émotionnelle; il sort là un album singulier de compositions avec des réminiscences bien établies.
Ne nous cachons pas plus, l’intérêt prioritaire est bien la voix angélique de Federico. Ça vous rappelle quelqu’un? Quinze chansons à texte, accompagnées d’une programmation musicale pour ce «New Knights» dont on ne sait pas grand-chose, nous embarquent dans des ballades romantiques, mélancoliques ou intimistes. À vous de voir. Des titres qui transpirent des vocaux de Peter Gabriel ère Genesis comme sur «Lilith» ou «The Myth Of Love», qui renvoient irrémédiablement à l’ère du même Gabriel en solo sur la plupart des autres (exemple avec «Don’t Go Away»). Une atmosphère plus enjouée comme sur «The Wheel Of Fear», marche funèbre sur «A Light On The Horizon», une dans la veine Tiger Moth Tales sur «New Knight», «It’s Me» ou le très beau «Life Is Like A Dream». Il faut attendre «Looking For You» pour avoir un solo de guitare digne d’un titre prog.
Le hic, car il y en a un, c’est cette orchestration très artificielle, trop synthétique qui sert simplement de support à la voix (mais quelle voix!), soit Peter Gabriel, soit Peter Jones. Attention, un constat n’est pas une critique, juste une information pour dire que cet opus aurait pu être excellent avec ce petit plus musical, un rendu instrumental plus humain. Sinon, le plaisir de l’écoute de ces titres fait attendre le prochain album avec avidité.

Athos Enrile Reviews "New Knights"


In the summer of 2015 I met the world of Federico Milanesi and commented on his album "Anima Mundi" (available now in a remixed and remastered version, with the remaking of the vocal parts), the first act of a trilogy that today, almost six years later, finds continuity with the album "New-Knights", while the name of the project evolves into Be Cause.

As happened in the previous occasion, I asked some questions to the author, looking for details that often remain hidden and, in answering me, Federico let himself go in a long story of his paths, his lives, his motivations and beliefs.

I preferred not to cut the long interview because the wide range goes beyond the purely musical discourse, widening the vision to the many aspects of our existence and, as well as his music, even his words can be captured and reinterpreted according to the personal model of reference.

It should be emphasized that Milanesi has thirty years of experience in the musical field and his skills range from composition to production up to the research thrust, focused on the close relationship between sound and human reaction.

The management of a music studio in London allows him to be in contact with a world that, although with great diversity compared to the genesis, represents novelty and effervescence, therefore stimulating and motivating.

The exposition of his ideas, as anticipated, would be enough alone to present "New-Knights" at its best, but I would like to give an overall image, a compendium of my listening sensations.

I'll latch on to a sentence in the official press release: "Be Cause is an open-ended project aimed at pushing the boundaries of musical genres with a multi-layered approach to lyrics."

The overcoming that is mentioned is the crux of the project and I would not be able to clearly indicate one of the many codings or labels to which the musical orthodoxy has accustomed us.

To insert the whole thing generically in the prog area seems a must, if only for the expressive freedom of which the work is full, but one thing is certain, Be Cause has made an appreciable disc also from the public that is not able - or does not feel the need - to enter in the rivulets of the single creations, "settling" for a less cerebral listening, a fact that could cause some frustration for who composes, but the pleasantness and the listening comfort that the music is able to generate are aspects in my opinion gratifying for who proposes that music.

Trying to give an overall opinion, I emphasize how the plots of "New-Knights" have really impressed me and I think that in times like the present, made of extreme disappointment related to insane productions, made for insane people, listening to a work of such a breath is a godsend.

I do not exaggerate in saying that it is one of the albums that have most excited me in recent times.

Magical atmospheres, composed rhythms that sometimes lead to tribal contamination, excruciating sounds and sounds that induce reflection, a peculiarity of music, when it is of quality.

And then a voice that brings back to ancient images mixed together, a synthesis of present and past and at a certain point of listening I had the feeling of listening to Peter Gabriel soloist of the eighties dropped in the early Genesis.

No comparison, but only fragments of sound image that can provide the listening of "New-Knights" and I am sure that my personal "sound visions" will be replaced by others depending on the context and the moment of fruition.

A great album to which will be added in a short time the closing of the circle, the third chapter that will be called "Light and Darkness".

Music that, as Be Cause tells in the next lines, have been composed long time ago: "So I am twenty years away from these works actually!"

Old ideas, available technology and personal maturation lead to works like this, beauty of form and substance and didactic for third parties in need of learning!

This is the original review (Italian) and the interview with the Author - please see all the other reviews and follow his suggestions, it's great music selected by a very sensitive and prepared blogger and musician:

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